Strict crackdown on illegal immigrants with zero tolerance for employers hiring or harboring illegal workers
Spearheaded legislation to remove panhandlers from county roadways
Reduced more than $70 million in government spending
Installed more than 2,000 new and upgraded street lights to reduce crime
Established the Annual Homeless Resource Day
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Making Our Community The Best It Can Be

For the last four decades, John R. Leopold has been making strides to improve the overall quality of life in Anne Arundel County and beyond. From attending countless neighborhood meetings to speaking in Annapolis on behalf of concerned local residents, Leopold continues his endeavor in making Anne Arundel County the best it can be.

Homeless Resource Day

County Executive John Leopold established the annual Homeless Resource Day (2015 is the eighth year) to provide a one-day, one-stop opportunity for homeless individuals to access health, housing and other social service resources. Thousands of homeless citizens have received assistance at these events over the years. As county executive, John Leopold created a Clergy Advisory Committee to help him identify the safety-net priorities for the ...

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Elizabeth's Landing

Since 1989 (26 years), John Leopold has been a resident of the Elizabeth's Landing community. In 2000, he had the State Highway Administration install a much-need traffic signal at the entrance to the community. In 1986, he had a traffic signal installed at the Appian Way- Sunset Elementary School/ Fort Smallwood Road intersection (Pine Grove Village) and later had a left turn arrow installed at this intersection to help traffic flow for Sunset ...

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Charter Schools

As a state legislator, John Leopold introduced the first public charter school legislation and, as county executive, appropriated $750,000 over three years in capital funding to the Chesapeake Science Point Charter School, a highly-successful school with strong math and science disciplines. John Leopold was an enormous help to the Chesapeake Science Point Charter School. Without his support as county executive, our school would not have been able ...

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School Funding

As a member of the House of Delegates 29 years ago, I sponsored legislation (HB 697), which was enacted, that strengthened the state maintenance of effort law. The Evening Sun praised the legislation and said it "put teeth" in the education funding law. I have long supported the spirit of the law that local governments should use state dollars to supplement, not supplant, county funding. I also believe that there should be some flexibility in the ...

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John Leopold's knowledge and experience are invaluable, and he's been a great help to the Stoney Beach community for years.

Jim Miller, Stoney Beach

Leopold Gets Things Done!

Sponsored the first "lockbox" constitutional amendment legislation for the Transportation Trust Fund (2003 and 2004) to ensure that transportation dollars are used strictly for transportation purposes and that monies diverted to help balance the state budget are repaid to the Fund. (Constitutional Amendment approved by the voters in 2014)

Secured and retained a Triple-A Bond rating, saving taxpayers $500,O00 a year in interest payments

Left turn traffic signal at Amberly Road/ Baltimore-Annapolis Road (westbound) near Glen Burnie High School

Budgeted $2 million in Fiscal Year 2013 for the construction of a Woods Road - Mountain Road congestion mitigation lane

Traffic calming improvements between Parkside Drive and the entrance to Fort Smallwood Park to counter drag racing

Cracked down on disability parking abuse and created tax credits for employers who provide transportation for employees with disabilities

Let's Get Things Done!

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