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Homeless Resource Day

County Executive John Leopold established the annual Homeless Resource Day (2015 is the eighth year) to provide a one-day, one-stop opportunity for homeless individuals to access health, housing and other social service resources. Thousands of homeless citizens have received assistance at these events over the years. As county executive, John Leopold created a Clergy Advisory Committee to help him identify the safety-net priorities for the ...

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Elizabeth's Landing

Since 1989 (26 years), John Leopold has been a resident of the Elizabeth's Landing community. In 2000, he had the State Highway Administration install a much-need traffic signal at the entrance to the community. In 1986, he had a traffic signal installed at the Appian Way- Sunset Elementary School/ Fort Smallwood Road intersection (Pine Grove Village) and later had a left turn arrow installed at this intersection to help traffic flow for Sunset ...

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Charter Schools

As a state legislator, John Leopold introduced the first public charter school legislation and, as county executive, appropriated $750,000 over three years in capital funding to the Chesapeake Science Point Charter School, a highly-successful school with strong math and science disciplines. John Leopold was an enormous help to the Chesapeake Science Point Charter School. Without his support as county executive, our school would not have been able ...

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School Funding

As a member of the House of Delegates 29 years ago, I sponsored legislation (HB 697), which was enacted, that strengthened the state maintenance of effort law. The Evening Sun praised the legislation and said it "put teeth" in the education funding law. I have long supported the spirit of the law that local governments should use state dollars to supplement, not supplant, county funding. I also believe that there should be some flexibility in the ...

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Roads and Transportation

Cracked down on disability parking abuse and created tax credits for employers who provide transportation for employees with disabilities

Secured and retained a Triple-A Bond rating, saving taxpayers $500,O00 a year in interest payments

Left turn traffic signal at Amberly Road/ Baltimore-Annapolis Road (westbound) near Glen Burnie High School

Budgeted $2 million in Fiscal Year 2013 for the construction of a Woods Road - Mountain Road congestion mitigation lane

Traffic calming improvements between Parkside Drive and the entrance to Fort Smallwood Park to counter drag racing

Sponsored the first "lockbox" constitutional amendment legislation for the Transportation Trust Fund (2003 and 2004) to ensure that transportation dollars are used strictly for transportation purposes and that monies diverted to help balance the state budget are repaid to the Fund. (Constitutional Amendment approved by the voters in 2014)

Left Turn Traffic Signal at the intersection of Magothy Bridge Road (southbound) at Baltimore - Annapolis Boulevard.

Traffic Light at Old Crown Drive and Edwin Raynor Boulevard.

Traffic Light at Elizabeth's Landing Way at Fort Smallwood Road

Traffic Light at Appian Way (Pine Grove Village) - Sunset Elementary School - Fort Smallwood Road Intersection

Law Enforcement & Veterans

Increased the number of middle school police resource officers

Supported secondary employment for police officers in the face of opposition from the county and state ethics commissions

Created the 9-11 Memorial in front of police headquarters on Veterans Highway to honor first responders

Created a memorial for county fallen heroes at Fort Smallwood Park and secured funding for new sod for the Veterans Cemetery in Crownsville

Provided county health department funding for returning veterans needing mental health and drug treatment assistance.

Forged an agreement with Fort George G. Meade to allow military personnel to play at reduced rates at two county-operated golf courses -- Compass Pointe in Pasadena and the Annapolis-owned Eisenhower Golf Course in Crownsville.

Offered Fee Waivers to active and retired military personnel for use of county parks..

Enacted Legislation to offer income tax deductions for police auxiliary or reserve volunteers

Public Safety

Created a new maintenance of effort formula for local fire protection funding

Enacted legislation to prohibit the selling or advertising of obscene telephone recordings to minors

Created an Animal Welfare Council reporting directly to the County Executive

Criminalized the wearing of body armor by drug traffickers

Enacted legislation to provide state and county financial assistance to install water treatment devices to reduce unsafe levels of radium in residential well owners' drinking water.

Provided county health department funding for returning veterans needing mental health and drug treatment assistance

Enacted legislation to require all public and semipublic swimming pools in Anne Arundel County to have automated external defibrillators


Renovated the ice rink at Quiet Waters Park

Increased the residential recycling rate

Preserved funding for the Department of Natural Resources Library and its librarian for Fiscal Years 2006 and 2007 and received a Distinguished Service Award from the Maryland Library Association

Enacted legislation that banned the use of combustion fly ash for the filling of land

Preserved more than 3,000 acres of land

Used the state reforestation law (1990) to have more than 4,000 trees planted on the five-acre construction staging area used for the completion of Route 10 (at Route 100)

Secured the Authority to enforce the state noise law from the Maryland Department of the Environment

Provided County assistance (Program Open Space funding) in a public-private partnership to build the Kinder Farm Park Visitors Center

Preserved the Naval Academy Dairy Farm in Gambrills in open space with community gardens and natural surface hiking trails

Provided Improvements to the Sun Valley Community Park


Increased funding for the Centers for Applied Technology to enhance vocational training programs

$3,000 minimum college scholarships for spouses and children of policemen, firemen and correctional officers killed in the line of duty

Spearheaded Legislation to establish a prepaid higher education tuition program to guarantee a child’s tuition bill without saddling families with heavy debt

Secured Funding for turf fields at county high schools

Created a parenting program at Anne Arundel Community College to help parents of middle school-age students


Expanded Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation initiatives to assist residents with job training for careers in today’s emerging job sectors, such as health care, information technology, transportation logistics and bioscience

Established county-designated employment areas for enhanced job tax credits for new or expanded business

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“Mr. Leopold has done an exceptional job over his four years in office balancing the county’s budget in the midst of a national economic downturn without raising income or property taxes or laying off employees.”
Baltimore Sun
October 28, 2010
“Mr. Leopold has done an exceptional job over his four years in office balancing the county’s budget in the midst of a national economic downturn without raising income or property taxes or laying off employees. ”
Baltimore Sun
October 28, 2010
“John Leopold’s knowledge and experience are invaluable, and he’s been a great help to the Stoney Beach community for years.”
Jim Miller
Stoney Beach
“John Leopold is a man who thinks of the people and responds quickly when you call him.”
Ann Mazzatenta
Mariner’s Cove
“John Leopold’s day-to-day management of county government was excellent. If he decides to serve again in public office, it would be our second chance for his quality representation.”
Randy Buckland
“When you contact John Leopold, you get results. He has always had an unwavering concern for his constituents.”
Ron Wayne
Sun Valley
“John Leopold has been a strong supporter of the Freetown community, and I look forward to his representing us again.”
Walter Caldwell
“John Leopold has served our county well for over 25 years and has many accomplishments that will benefit the citizens of Anne Arundel County for many years to come.”
Grant Deaver
“John Leopold did a great job as county executive, and everyone knows his constituent service was superb. What I appreciate about Leopold is his advocacy for animal welfare, after-school programs and the needs of people with disabilities.”
Diane Clark